Your advice and counsel is critical to students as they graduate and pursue a career. The construction industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic career opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after high school as well as for those who want to pursue college degrees.

The industry needs individuals who enjoy working outdoors along with those who wish to work at a computer screen.  A construction job is a dynamic environment that changes every day through the benefit of the construction workers’ efforts.  Our society needs the skills of those who have the ability to envision a building or bridge and create the plans that others will use to turn that vision into reality.  The construction workforce is as diverse as any that can be imagined.  Some will have advanced degrees and training in business and computer-savvy positions—such as project managers, estimators, and designers.  Others will, also, have several years of training and will use their advanced skills to turn their joy of building and creating into a trade that can vary from operating large equipment, to walking on steel beams high in the air, to installing complex electrical systems. A career in construction can take a person in many different directions. 

We especially encourage students who have a strong interest and aptitude in math, science, and technologies to pursue careers in construction. From construction management degree programs at world-renowned universities, to apprenticeship programs and trade schools, educational opportunities in construction are plentiful and varied.  And construction jobs offer a lifetime of good pay and benefits, ability to continue education, potential to advance, and opportunities to be your own boss.

There is an amazing sense of accomplishment achieved when a person helps design or build a stadium, bridge, high rise, or hospital.  In reviewing the content of this website,, it is our hope that you will be better prepared to advise the student sitting across the table from you about a construction career.  Your advice to students will help them decide what they want to do with their lives. A career in construction may be the best decision they'll ever make.