The job of a construction office administrator  is extremely varied, depending upon the size of firm, the type of construction work the company performs, and whether or not the position is in a field office or in the main headquarters office. Regardless of the working environment, the role of the office administrator  is very important. An office administrator  is the person responsible for seeing that the office procedures and duties are completed in a correct and timely manner. An office administrator must solve problems as they arise, and make certain that the financial information which has been compiled is correct. It is important to plan office functions in the correct sequence, so that one employee will not be delayed waiting for data which is being compiled by another employee. Almost all office administrator work is done in the main office, or on a large job, in the field office.

Education and Training

The most important qualification of a construction company office manager is knowing how to deal with people. In addition, office managers need a bookkeeping background with emphasis on accounting subjects. High school with some college is very desirable, as good reading and writing skills may be essential.

Advancement Potential

Office administrator are usually considered as part of management.

Wage Averages for Oklahoma (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015)

Mean Hourly Wage: $13.30
Annual Mean Wage: $27,670

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