Tile setters install ceramic tile, marble and granite. They also waterproof and repair work. Finishers supply and mix construction materials for the masonry trades. They apply grout, finish surface areas, and clean. They move installation materials, tools, machines, and work devices to work areas.

Working Conditions

Tile Layers generally work indoors. There is considerable bending and heavy lifting for most masonry work. There may be periods of unemployment between jobs.

Length of Apprenticeship

Tile setter apprenticeships are four-year programs. The Finisher program lasts three years. Apprentices must complete a minimum of 144 hours per year in related classroom training for all occupations, The tile setter occupation completes approximately 6,000 on-the-job training hours.. Apprentices complete approximately 4,500 on-the-job training hours in the finisher program and advance at 750 hours.

Wage Averages for Oklahoma (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015)

Mean Hourly Wage: $15.14

Annual Mean Wage: $31,490

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